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            You need to email Gigpursuit at info@gigpursuit.com, they will respond. Now I am sure that not all responses can be met with such alacrity, but maybe we should keep in mind that this is a free site, and imagine the amount of employees needed to accommodate the million daily users across the globe.


            "your website is gold! loved the language learning section, I payed for a language program. It’s definitely worth the money. thanks!!!!!"

            J Thomas

            I truly appreciate your service, I use it all the time for everything. You are a great asset to society in general specially in times like this where people cant afford to go to language schools to learn languages.That's it for my comments, you guys are doing a great job, I truly appreciate it.

            M Houton

            WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!...My kids are learning my mother tongue and am helping the unemployed back home, this website is great!

            Medinat USA

            I appreciate Gigpursuit's service a lot and it has been helpful to me towards finding work. May I also tell people to be more careful when searching for job/services here because of the global internet scammers everywhere. Just be sure the service provider or teacher is real and genuine before going too forward.

            R Jonson


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